What is SmashBible?

Our passion as a church is to see individuals become People of THE BOOK. One of the ways we are seeking to encourage this is through the SmashBible challenge. SmashBible is where people bond with a lifetime Bible through highlighting, underlining, and jotting notes. Yes, it’s ok to scribble in your Bible as long as you are allowing it to scribble on you

SmashBible Tools

  • A lifetime quality Bible (preferably a genuine calfskin leather study Bible with decent margins for note-taking).
  • Non-bleed through highlighter. We recommend these
  • A fine tipped pen (pencil wears off) for notes, underlining and circling.
  • The SmashBible Bookmark (at the Welcome Table or Download).
  • Downloads

How to "Smash" a Bible

Follow the reading schedule and each day put your Bible through the PACES by highlighting:

Promises to Embrace (in Yellow)
Attitudes To Avoid (in Orange)
Commands To Obey (in Green)
Examples To Follow (in Blue)
Sins To Confess (in Pink)
EXTRA: Prophesies about Jesus (in Purple)

While doing this also underline phrases that stand out to you, circle critical words, or jot down notes in the margins. For those with a study Bible use the same methods for the study notes. In short, smash as much as you can into your reading of the Bible.

SmashBible on the Go

Aside from your personal SmashBible reading, you can also use this same approach during Sunday messages, at Re:Groups or in various Bible studies. The key is always writing in THE BOOK as THE BOOK writes on you.

SmashBible for Kids

Kids love books and color, thus SmashBible is perfect for helping the engage with the Bible. Just find an age appropriate Bible, grab the highlighters and teach your kids how to bond with THE BOOK.

For the young ones, you do the highlighting. For the readers, encourage them to highlight meaningful ideas.
For the teens, give them an actual heirloom Bible, the SmashBible bookmark, highlighters and then regularly ask them what they are learning.

Perhaps for some a daily reading for 365 days will be too daunting, so just have them do a book at a time such as James or Mark for starters. The idea is to get them engaging in what it means to engage THE BOOK.