The Bible Is Our Book

The Bible is a book, but it is more than a book; it is a portal between humanity and God. We believe the Bible to be the very Word and words of God graciously given to us, through men, by the Holy Spirit, for God’s glory and our good. It is unique, flawless, and sufficient for life.

The Trinity Is Our God

God is an eternal and perfect community of Oneness. This Oneness is called "the Trinity," for we believe that there is one true God existing in three different Persons: God the Father, God the Son (Jesus the Christ) and God the Holy Spirit.

The Father Is The Number One Of Our Triune God

God the Father is the first Person of the Trinity. Holding the title of Father displays Him as the sovereign head of authority within the Trinity.

The Son Is The Number Two Of Our Triune God

God the Son (Jesus) is the second Person of the Trinity. He has always been and never wasn't. But what makes Jesus unique within the Trinity is that He took on our human form to be the bridge between humanity and God. As that bridge he lived a sinless life, suffered God’s wrath, died a sinners death, and rose again from death. He now has all authority and is among His people perpetually.  

The Holy Spirit Is The Number Three Of Our Triune God

The Holy Spirit is the third Person of the Trinity and He is a He. He is not a disposition of God or a person-less extension of God. He is our God who opens our eyes to sin, invades our life to receive eternal life, and resides in all believers to produce spiritual fruit and empower spiritual gifts.

Satan And Demons Oppose God And Consequently Us

The world is broken because heaven was divided long ago. In that divide the greatest of God’s angels rebelled and coerced 1/3 of the angelic world to follow suit. Eons later we know these figures as Satan and demons. It was Satan who provoked sin in our world. Consequently, that is why our world is so tragically broken. Jesus defeated Satan and demons at the cross and Jesus will vanquish him when He returns again.

Because Of Satan Humanity Has Sin Driven Problems

The Bible states that God made humanity in His image. This image is the connecting point of the special relationship people are designed to have with God. The Bible also says God made them male and female so they would complement one another’s unique roles in marriage and life. Finally, the Bible says God made them to procreate and to cultivate. Tragically humanity rebelled against God, obscured His image, twisted His design, and plunged His world into sin and death. The reach of this original sin was so vast it cursed the earth, damned every future generation, and made belief in God impossible on His terms.

But God Has The Only Solution - JESUS

Sinners resist God, but God pursues sinners. Only sinners saved by God are spared hell and granted the gift of God Himself. The only way God makes this possible is through Jesus and His atonement. Atonement means “at-one-ment” and describes how Jesus, who was sinless, took on every sin of every person who would ever believe and suffered the full extent of God’s wrath for those sins. In exchange He gives us His full righteousness so we might be forgiven, brought into God’s family, and thus enjoy “at-one-ment” with God. Salvation is a gift bestowed as the Holy Spirit prompts us from our sin to believe on the cross and resurrection of Jesus.

Jesus Brought A Kingdom

When Jesus came into the world He brought His Kingdom with Him. Since that times His Kingdom has been expanding in the world and transforming lives. In this way the Kingdom is a dynamic that inspires believers to life other-worldly in this world. When Jesus returns He will fully lay claim to His Kingdom and the world will be transformed as like heaven.

Jesus Left A Church

The Church is the body of people Jesus has rescued out of the world. The local church is a smaller scale assembly of that globally rescued body. What makes a local church a church is Jesus, leaders, members, gatherings, preaching, worship, ministry, sacraments and outreach.

And Jesus Is Coming Back Again

Jesus is coming back as real as He came. On that day everything changes, and equally on that day nothing can be changed. The eternity of all will be set irrevocably and justly.

On That Day Everything Will Be Settled Forever

All people will live forever. The quality of that existence however hangs exclusively on Jesus alone. For those who believe on Jesus eternity is about limitless joy filled exploration in God and His creations. For those who disbelieve it is about limitless implosion apart from anything connected to God and an absence of His creation.