We believe that Jesus’ church is the hope of the world, and because of this we seek to Multiply Churches.

We support the work of several missionaries around the world. Please take a moment to find out more about how you can support the work of these outposts that are part of our extended church family. Even if you can't support these families financially don't forget to keep them in your prayers as they extend the awareness of Jesus’ kingdom.




 Josie grew up in the Duvall area, and she met Mark in the summer of 2010 while they were both serving in Tijuana, Mexico. It was there that they heard about and began praying for people who have no chance to hear the story of God because of where they live and the language that they speak. After being friends for several years, in 2014 they married! Josie pursued a degree in Intercultural Communication and Mark in Linguistics while living in Chicago, during that time they made a few trips to South Asia to check it out. After both feeling that this was an area of the world that the Lord would have them serve in, they began to make plans for long-term work.

Together they moved to South Asia in 2017 and began the task of learning the national language. However, God’s story is already available in the national tongue. The country is unique in that there are over 100 languages groups, and now Mark and Josie must go about learning one of those smaller group’s language. They hope to begin working among a yak herding and farming people this year and move north towards their villages in the mountains. This language is only spoken and not written, so there is a lot of work ahead as they communicate through oral stories and develop an alphabet and written system alongside these people. They have recently obtained a study visa through a partnership with a local university to begin documenting this language.

This area of the world is not politically stable, and the government is volatile. They aren’t fond of God’s story. Mark and Josie try to be conscious about what info is out there about their work. Thanks for helping them out with this!

Amos & Heidi Collins

Amos & Heidi grew up together as missionary kids in the Philippines, and graduated together in the class of 1999 from Faith Academy, in Manila. After high school, Heidi went home to Australia where she got her BA in languages and Amos pursued aviation in Washington State. Initially he was going to just pursue a career stateside, but early on in his flight training Amos felt a strong calling to use these skills he was learning towards something with an eternal purpose. From that point on he continued his training with the goal to serve the Lord in missions. In 2004 Amos was accepted by PMA after he got his A&P and Commercial Multi-Engine Licenses. While he was serving in Yap, he got back in touch with Heidi who was teaching ESL in Indonesia. After a year and a half of getting “re-acquainted” via long distance, they got married in Washington in April of 2007 by Pastor Phil Claussen. Together they moved back to Yap where Amos serves as Director of Flight Operations for the entire aviation branch as well as an elder for the Pacific Mission Fellowship Church branch of the mission.  Amos and Heidi used to serve as youth leaders in the church, but have since passed that responsibility on to someone else who joined the team.  Heidi serves in different capacities in the church, from leading a weekly women’s bible study with the local Pastor’s wife, helping another local friend lead Sunday school, and planning the Christmas, Easter, VBS programs, and other church outreaches that come up each year. They have four children: Tommy, Raina, Honora and Theodore.

P.O. Box 460
Yap, FM 96943
Federated States of Micronesia

Jon & Marijane Beutler

The Beutlers have been serving in Mozambique since 2003. They have been supporting ministries there in practical hands-on ways. Some of the support roles they have filled include building supervisor, bookkeeper, computer tech, print shop manager, media specialist, mechanic, website developer, communications coordinator, center manager and hostess.

They are currently broadening their focus to support ministries and the local church of southern Africa by meeting practical needs allowing people to focus on what God has called them to do. Construction, maintenance, water and solar system designs & vehicle repairs are the biggest needs of those ministering in this region. They also hope to be able to continue recording audio materials for whoever needs it as they travel into the various areas they plan to work. With this new focus the Lord has led them to a new organization called Shepherd’s Staff who, in partnership with Redemption Church, will be their sending organization. In Africa the ministry will be known as SAMSON, Southern Africa Ministry Support, Outreach & Networking.

Jon and Marijane were married in 1998 after meeting in Portugal while Marijane was attending language classes in preparation for going to Mozambique. The two were introduced through Jon’s cousin who worked at an English language school in Portugal near where Marijane was living. By God’s providence, her language classes were canceled and his computer shipment was delayed and they got to know each other. After spending a couple of years as a married couple in Duvall, they felt God calling them to the people of Mozambique.