RC is putting on three STEAM camps (Science/Technology/Engineering/Arts/Math) on March 16, 23 and 30. 

Cost is $10 per student and space is limited so don't wait to register. 

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RC Socials give folks the opportunity to meet each month with a group of 5 to 7 other people from Redemption for dinner and fellowship. These groups are not intended to be Bible studies, RE:Groups, or have any other agenda. RC Socials are all about sharing our homes, dinner tables and conversation. Typically RC Socials will not include children so as to promote a time of adult fellowship more conducive to all homes.

You must sign up before April 8th to be a part of a RC Socials group.  You will then be contacted by your RC Social leader in a few days. At the first meeting, hosted by your group leader, your group will decide what night you will meet each month and who will host the next meeting along with the location.


  • Can I choose who is in my group? No. Remember that purpose of the group is to fellowship with those we may not know well. Relax, you will have fun!
  • How long will the RC Socials season run? After everyone has a chance to host a meeting the group will disband.
  • Now is a bad time for me but can I join a group later? Yes, when we have the next open sign-ups for RC Socials probably not until 2019.
  • If I participate this season can I do it again with a new group next time? Absolutely.
  • What if I hate to cook? Consider doing it more informally, perhaps by bringing in a meal from a deli.
  • Do I have to be a couple? RC Socials are open to anyone over 18-years-old who calls RC home.


June 21, 22 and 23 we will be having our annual men's event we call Rattlesnake Ridge Base Camp. This is three days where we celebrate all things dude. There will be shooting, archery, casting, knife throwing, guy food, mt biking, outdoor movies, competition and lots of free time. You can do it all (or at least try) or just hang out at camp.  We take over the entire Horn Rapids Campground for those three days. You can sleep in your car or have a trailer delivered all set up for you--or something in between. There is also golf and an ORV park near by.  This is only open to guys 12-years old and up.

All your food and drinks, camp space and range fees are included in the $95 fee.  (Optional stuff like ammo, trailer rental, fishing license, green fees, ORV fees are up to you.)
You can register by clicking here. 



Being in community in a Re:Group is one of the best ways to grow as a  follower of Jesus.  Find a group to connect and grow with today.